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lunes, enero 24, 2005


Graffiti that I see each day while crossing the bridge:

Vota no (vote no -- i.e., on this past August's referendum to recall Chavez)

Con Chavez todos sin Chavez nada (with Chavez everything, without Chavez nothing)

No a la eliminacion de los misiones (no to the elimination of the missions -- these are Chavez's initiatives for health care, literacy, etc.)

Chavez america te quiere (Chavez, the Americas want you)

Para revolucion (for revolution)

Yo no firme´ (I didn't sign -- meaning the petitions to recall Chavez)

Viva Lenin y Marx

stenciled portraits of Chavez

Carcel para los golpistas (prison for the coup plotters -- this one is very common)

And in many places around town is simply written ¨No¨ -- as in No on the recall. Though in one place I did see the ¨No¨ overwritten by a ¨Si¨.

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