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viernes, marzo 18, 2005

Another COHA article: "Venezuela and the Latin American New Left"

Another interesting piece from Seth DeLong of COHA, this time about the recent elections in Uruguay, broader implications of the emergence of a new Latin American left/center-left, and how the U.S. is likely to respond (that part's not pretty.)

By the way, I did interview Ivan Gonzalez of ORIT yesterday - very interesting, and I think we'll be able to have more discussions in the future. However, as you can imagine, transcribing in Spanish is taking me just about forever. I'll try to get the interview report up here next week.

Back to the article; major points:

- The inauguration of Tabaré Vázquez in Uruguay shows that Latin America's democratic march to the left continues, and could be a forerunner to Mexico's 2006 presidential election.

- The Bush administration, already uncomfortable with Latin America's new left, would become apoplectic if this movement reached the U.S.-Mexican border. A López Obrador victory in the Mexican election would signal the ultimate domino falling.

- Bush's Latin America team fails to understand that the model of the new left in Latin America today is less Che Guevara than FDR and Tony Blair's British Labor Party.

- The growing center-left ideological tilt among Latin American states is symptomatic of a growing movement towards a continental alliance and a political stance markedly different from that being fielded by the U.S.

Read the whole thing here.

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