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viernes, marzo 11, 2005

Communique of the ILC Delegation to Caracas

Here's another update from the ILC regarding the ILO complaint against the Venezuelan government and the sign-on letter opposing it. This says that the complaint was supposed to be heard on March 8, but I haven't heard nor seen any news. Maybe they don't release anything until the ILO has completed its session (March 24th)?

(And sorry for not posting anything original on here recently -- I'm behind in my writing. Check back tomorrow!)

Communiqué of the ILC delegation to Caracas

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples (ILC) wishes to inform working people and their organizations around the world of the results obtained thus far in support of the Open Letter by the UNT to the Workers' Group of the ILO.

On February 3, the UNT sent a letter urging working people and their organizations to endorse this Open Letter, in which they call on the ILO Workers' Group to reject the Complaint filed by Fedecamaras, the employers' association of Venezuela, and the CTV union federation against the Venezuelan government for supposed "violations of trade union freedoms." The Complaint, which has been filed by two organizations that were centrally involved in the attempts to remove the democratically elected government of Hugo Chavez through a failed coup and an employer lockout, has been endorsed by the Bush administration and by employers' associations in 23 countries, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

A delegation from the ILC comprising Daniel Gluckstein, international coordinator of the ILC, Alan Benjamin (United States) and Julio Turra (Brazil) met in Caracas on February 3 with the national coordinators of the UNT.

The ILC immediately promoted worldwide this Open Letter from the UNT in opposition to the Complaint within the ILO. The ILC called upon unionists and trade union organizations the world over, respectful of the particular prerogatives of the trade unions, to endorse or otherwise support this Open Letter in the manner deemed most appropriate.

As you will read below, in just a few weeks, hundreds upon hundreds of signatures have been obtained, along with numerous resolutions from trade union bodies, including national federations, in opposition to the Fedecamaras-CTV Complaint against the government of Venezuela and against the UNT.

This Complaint, which is an attack on genuine trade union rights codified in ILO conventions, must be rejected.

Please join us in obtaining more endorsements in support of the UNT Open Letter to the ILO Workers' Group.

Paris, February 28, 2005
Daniel Gluckstein, international coordinator of the ILC,
Alan Benjamin (United States)
Julio Turra (Brazil)


Initial Signatories

United States

Fred Hirsch, Vice President, Plumbers and Fitters Local 393, Participant, Aug/2004 ILC Delegation to Venezuela, San Jose, CA; Robert Irminger, SFLC Delegate from ILWU, IBU, Participant, Aug/2004 ILC Delegation to Venezuela, San Francisco, CA; Eduardo Rosario, Co-Coordinator, Open World Conference Continuations Committee, Member, Amalgamated Lithographers of America, New York City, NY; Alan Benjamin, Co-Coordinator, Open World Conference Continuations Committee, Member, Executive Board, San Francisco Labor Council, San Francisco, CA; Walter Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer-Emeritus, San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO), San Francisco, CA; Nancy Wohlforth, National Co-Chair (for id. only), Pride at Work, AFL-CIO, Washington, DC; Bill Fletcher, Jr., President (for id. only), TransAfrica Forum, Washington, DC; Conny Ford, Delegate San Francisco Labor Council AFL-CIO, San Francisco, CA; Gene Bruskin, Trade Unionist, Antiwar Activist, Washington, DC; Beatriz Maya, Co-Director for Organizing, FLOC - AFL-CIO, Toledo, OH; David Bacon, Labor journalist, Berkeley, CA; Nicholas Babin, Comercio Justo, United Students for Fair Trade, Santa Cruz, CA; Geoffrey Cook, National Writers Union; Timothy Stinson, Socialist Organizer, San Francisco, CA; Hal Sutton, Trustee, UAW Local 1268 (for id. only), Belvidere, IL; Angelina Grab & Sam McAfee, RadicalFusion, San Francisco, CA; Norah Foster, Coalition of University Employees, Univ. of Calif. Library, Berkeley, CA; Angelina Grab, Principal, RadicalFusion; Larry Small, CWA Media Workers #39521, Chair, Labor Support Committee, San Francisco, CA; Joshua Sperry, CWA Local 9423, Organizer (for id. only), San Jose, CA; Colia L Clark, President, NEFEROHU, Glen Olden, Pennsylvania; Tom Edminster, Building Representative, delegate to SF Labor Council, Chair, Peace, Justice and Human Rights Committee, United Educators of San Francisco, AFT/NEA, San Francisco, CA; Dan Kaplan, Executive Secretary, AFT Local 1493 (for id. only), San Mateo, CA; Helen A. Spalding, AFSCME Retiree Chapter 1184, Sub-Chapter 146 ( for id. only), Bay View, OH; Tom Lacey, Peace and Freedom Party (list if for id. only), San Francisco, CA; Jeffrey Smedberg, President, SEIU Local 415 (for ID only), Santa Cruz, CA; Charles Kalish, Green Party (for id. only) , San Francisco, CA ; Bob Franklin, Retired Teamster Organizer, Organizer, Labor for Peace and Justice, Oakland, CA; Jim Hamilton, Vice President for Political Action (for id. only), American Federation of Teachers Local 420, St. Louis, MO; C. T. Weber, CSEA, Peace and Freedom Party of California, Sacramento, CA; Andrea Brower, Human rights activist, Kapa'a, Hawaii; Katharine Harer, Co-President, AFT 1493, San Mateo CA S.F.; Brenda Cochrane, California Faculty Association, San Francisco, CA; Marc Rich , Member, House of Representatives, United Teachers Los Angeles , Los Angeles, CA ; Peter Urban, Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America, San Francisco, CA; Camron Austin, UAW LOCAL 751, Decatur, IL; Jerry Gordon, Chair, Ohio State Labor Party (for id. only), Cleveland, OH; John Wilmerding, Convener, Coalition for Equity-Restorative Justice (CERJ), High Street, Brattleboro, VT; Millie Phillips, Editorial Board, The Organizer newspaper, San Francisco, CA; Mark Loy, CSEA/SEIU Local 1000, San Francisco, CA; Daniel Berman, CSEA/SEIU Local 1000, San Francisco, CA; Katherine Hoyt, National Co-Coordinator, Nicaragua Network (US), Washington, DC; Chuck Kaufman, Secretary/Treasurer, Alliance for Global Justice, Washington, DC Katherine Stecher, Campaign Coordinator, Campaign for Labor Rights, Washington, DC; Kathy Lipscomb, SEIU, Health Care Workers West, Retiree, San Francisco, CA; Alanna Hartzok, Human Rights Activist, Scotland, PA.

(Other countries, titles have been left in original languages)


Direção Executiva Nacional da Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT)
(en anexo Resolución adoptada en la reunión de 16 y 17 de febrero de 2005)

CUT - Regional Zona da Mata Mineira - Direção Executiva

Sindicato Professores (SINPRO) de Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais (CUT) - Diretoria

Sindicato Vigilantes (SINPROTESV), Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais (CUT) - Diretoria

Sindicato Trabalhadores Serviço Público Municipal (SINTRASEM) de Florianópolis, SC (CUT) - Diretoria

Sindicato Trabalhadores Judiciário Federal (SINTRAJUF), Pernambuco (CUT) - Diretoria

Sindicato Trabalhadores em Rádio e TV no Estado de Sâo Paulo (CUT) - Diretoria

João Bosco, vice-presidente da CUT-DF, Brasilia;
Gardenia Baima, membro da Executiva CUT-Ceará;
Maurício Rosa, membro da Executiva da CUT-Santa Catarina;
Josenildo Vieira, membro da Executiva da CUT-Pernambuco.
Walter Matos membro Executiva CUT Amazonas
Roberto Cupolillo, membro da Direção da CUT-Minas Gerais
José Ricardo Jacome (SINDSEP - DF, Brasil)
Tomás Jensen (Asociación Nuestra América, São Paulo, Brasil).
Roque Ferreira (Federação Nacional Independente dos Trabalhadores sobre Trilhos)
Édison Cardoni (executiva da Confederação dos Servidores Públicos Federais, CONDSEF)
João Batista Gomes (membro da Direção da CUT São Paulo) ;
Luiz Bicalho (membro da direção da CONDSEF-CUT);
Valdemiro de Souza Pena - STICMJF
Belarmino Gomes - STICMJF
Ivan Mazzr - STICMJF
Juanito Alexandre Vieira - APES-JF
Celi Taffarel - professora Universidade Federal da Bahia
Mateus G. Santos - sindicalista Pesquisadores, Campinas, SP
Cláudia Costa Saenger - CAVET, Universidaade Nacional de Brasília

Dave Bleakney : National Union Representative Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Ottawa, Ontario

Ronald Cameron: President FNEEQ (CSN); National Teachers Federation of Quebec, Montreal

Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Universidad Autonoma de México - STUNAM

(en anexo, relación de más 192 firmas individuales de representantes sindicales, de organismos de solidariedad, políticos, academicos y sociales)

Andrea Oliva - Asociación Gremial de docentes universitarios de la Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.Tandil. (Adunce)

Cecilia Gramajo - Asociación Gremial de docentes universitarios de la Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.Tandil. (Adunce)

Erwin Salazar V., Presidente CGTP-Lambayeque;
Demetrio Ruiz Ríos, Presidente Coordinadora nacional Azucarera;
Genaro Ledesma I. FOCEP;
Delsy Francisca Melgarejo Chamorro, Regidora Municipalidad Distrital de Comas,;
Arturo Reaño, Secretario de organización CGTP-Lambayeque;;
Elás Arellán Obregón, secretario general del sindicato de obreros de leche UPA;
Rolando Breña Pantoja, Partido Comunista del Perú (Patria Roja):
Victor Oliva Miguel, PSR;
Daniel Alor Minaya, Partido Comunista (PCP);
Federico García H. Frente Popular;
Yomar Meléndez Rosas, MNI;
Nilver López Ames, MNI;
Ana María Cabezas, Comité Malpica;
Alfredo Imaña Barrantes, Comité Malpica;
Armando Vidal C. PSR;
Juán Contreras Mendoza, MNI;
Miguel Imaña B., Comité Malpica;
Luís Arana Seguín, Comité Malpica;
Mario Mendoza Zafro, PCP Patria Roja;
Norma Aguirre Marquina, Movimiento Humanista;
Gloria Falconí Zapata, MNI;
Alfredo Contreras Y., Partido Comunista (PCP);
Delfina Paredes A. Comité Malpica;
Victor Apolaya, Fuerza de Izquierda Socialista;
Dora Soto Aguilar, SITRAMUN;
Victor Cruz Aguilar, SITRAMUN - Lima;
Pedro Montoya Ramírez, despedido SEDAPAL;
Pablo Tito; secretario de defensa de CGTP-Puno;
Roberto Ventura, Presidente Comisión Organizadora Congreso FESIDETA;
Armando Rodríguez, docente universitario;
Valentín Escobar Quispe, secretario de organización SUTUSM;
Walter Bustamante R. SITRAMUN - Lima;
Pablo Méndez, SUTUSM;
Robin Elguera C., Sec de asuntos municipales SITRAMUN- lima;
Alejandro Hinostroza, Sec general SITRAMUN-Lima;
Aldo Ugaz Osorio, Comité de Lima por PT, Vitarte ;
Jimmy Calla Colán, Poeta (Comité Malpica);
Walter R. Briceño P., Comité Malpica;
Manuel Lajo Lazo, Comité Malpica,
Humberto Torres B. Abogado;
Jorge Poma, Comité Malpica,
Pablo Cholán, Comité Malpica;
Abelino Mar Arias, agricultor;
Denis Merino C., Comité Malpica;
Raul Wienner, Comité Malpica;
Manuel Qouría S. Comité Malpica;
César Risso H. Comité Malpica;
Guillermo Bolaños B.. Periódico El Trabajo.
Giulianna Aguirre Zevallos

Jorge Pavez - Presidente Colegio de Profesores
Dario Vasquez - Vicepresidente Colegio de Profesores
Roberto Villagra - Director del Colegio de Profesores
Jorge Martinez - Presidente Confederacion Bancaria
Patricio Munita - Director Rrii Confederacion Bancaria
Luis Mesina Marin - Director Organizacion Confederacion Bancaria
Miguel Soto - Presidente Confderacion Metalurgica
Etiel Moraga - Ex Presidente CUT y Actual Consejero de la CUT
Gladys Corral- Presidente Colegio de Enfermeras de Chile
Manuel Cabieses - Director Revista Punto Final

Confederación de Trabajadores del Ecuador - CTE - Eduardo Alcívar Presidente Encargado

Red Nacional de Trabajadores de la Energía Eléctrica del Ecuador, ENLACE - Edgar Ponce, Presidente Nacional

Comité de Empresa de los Trabajadores de la Empresa Eléctrica Quito - Jorge Martínez Secretario General

Union Général des Travailleurs de Guadeloupe (UGTG)
El congreso de la Unión General de los Trabajadores de Guadalupe (UGTG), reunido los días 24 y 25 de febrero en Lamentin, se pronunció «a favor de la defensa del UNT de Venezuela, atacada por la Fedecámaras que representa a los patronos venezolanos». Más de cuarenta delegados a este congreso, por otra parte, firmaron con carácter individual la carta de la UNT.

(Prises de position d'instances syndicales)

Union Départementale Force Ouvrière de Paris
SNFO LC 93: Syndicat des Lycées et Collèges FO du département de Seine Saint-Denis
SLCL FO Académie de Créteil (94): Syndicat des Lycées et Collèges FO de l'académie de Créteil
SNTRS CGT ESPCI (75): Syndicat CGT de la recherche scientifique de l'ESPCI Paris
CGT STI EDF (92): Syndicat CGT des électricien d'Issy les Moulineux (Haut de Seine)
CGT Métallurgie AREVA (92): Syndicat CGT de la métallurgie de l'usine Areva Montrouge (Haut de Seine)

(Prises de position individuelles)
ALSEDA Jean, rédacteur en chef de Ouest syndicaliste (Loire Atlantique)
AUCOUTURIER Alain, syndicaliste CGT (Seine et Marne) (*)
AYME Jean-Claude, chambre syndicale CAF RP Val d'Oise (*)
BENIZEAU Luc, syndicaliste FNEC FP FO Val de mARNE (*)
BESSE Pierre, , syndicaliste CGT cheminots Paris (*)
BLIN Hervé, syndicaliste FO (Alpes de Haute Provence) (*)
BOURDIN Yves, syndicaliste métallurgie CGT AREVA(Hauts de Seine)
CATRIX Patrick, syndicaliste CGT FO cheminots Paris (*)
CHALABI Bilahovel, syndicaliste Haute Marne (*)
CHAMBONNET Pascal, syndicaliste SNFOLC bureau académique Créteil (Val de Marne)
CHEVALIER Sylvette, syndicaliste enseignante FERC SUP (Gironde) (*)
CHOROWICZ Sylvie, syndicaliste enseignante SN FO LC (Oise)
COLLIN Daniel, syndicaliste CGT cheminots Paris (*)
COUTY Daniel, FO Mairie Montrouge Haut de Seine (*)
CROUZET Jean-Paul, syndicaliste enseignant FSU (Rhône) (*)
DAL POZZOLO Albert, maire adjoint Rozérieulles (Moselle) (*)
DANTIN-CARRERE Marc, syndicaliste CGT impôts Paris (*)
DEBAT Pierre, médecin (Val de Marne)
DELARUE Jean, syndicaliste UNSEN- CGT (Yveline) (*)
DUGAT-BONY Christiane, syndicaliste CGT Central Equipement (*)
FILLEBEEN Laurent, syndicaliste CGT livre (Nord) (*)
FITOUSSI Jean-Pierre, syndicaliste SNTRS-CGT ESPCI Paris (*)
FRAYSSE Liliane, , syndicaliste SNEC FO (Val d'Oise) (*)
FRIGARA Daniel, syndicaliste enseignant SNUDI FO (Lot) (*)
GRANDVAUX Alain, syndicaliste enseignant SNFOLC (Jura) (*)
GUILLAUMA Ludovic, syndicaliste Trésor public SNST FO (Tarn et Garonne) (*)
KATZ Jean-François, syndicaliste hospitalier FO (Rhône) (*)
KESSELMAN Donna, syndicaliste universitaire, Paris
LAMY Luc, syndicaliste CGT cadres RATP Paris (*)
LANGLET Denis, syndicaliste métallurgie FO (Yvelines) (*)
LANGLOIS Jean-Noël, syndicaliste FO Equipement administration Centrale (*)
LAUNAY Claude, (Essonne)
LAURENT Renée, syndicaliste FO (Savoie) (*)
LEBOUITCH Olivier, , syndicaliste CGT FO hôpital Saint Denis (Seine Saint Denis)
LEFEBVRE des NOETTES François, (Val d'Oise)
LEPEUVE Michèle, syndicaliste enseignante SN-FO-LC (Paris)
LIVARTOWSKI François, , syndicaliste CGT Seine Saint Denis (*)
Lucile DUPUY, syndicaliste, SNUDI FO Paris (*)¨
MAITTE Hervé, syndicaliste CGT Central équipement (*)
MARESCQ Florence, syndicaliste Chambre syndicale secu Val d'Oise (*)
MARTINEZ Gérard, syndicaliste FO Télécom (Val d'Oise) (*)
MELLOUL Jean-Jacques, syndicaliste cheminot, CGT FO (Seine Saint Denis) (*)
MENET Charles, secrétaire UL FO St Denis (Seine Saint Denis) (*)
MENNECIER Jean, syndicaliste CGT-FERC (*)
MOREL Evelyne, syndicaliste enseignante SN-FO-LC (Val d'Oise)
MORIN Gérard, (Charente Maritime)
MOURRE Odile, , syndicaliste Action sociale FO Hauts de Seine (*)
MOUTON Micheline, syndicaliste FERC CGT (Haute Marne)
PAPILLAUD Sylvain, syndicaliste Force ouvrière (*)
PERROSSIER Guy, Chambre syndicale FO Secu RP (*)
PIERONI Carlos, Parti des travailleurs (Val de Marne)
PROST Michel, syndicaliste FERC CGT (Nord) (*)
QUINTIN Robert, , syndicaliste FO AP Paris (*)
RAFFI Jean-Pierre, journaliste Informations ouvrières (Paris)
REIX Gérard, syndicaliste enseignant SNUDI FO (Yvelines) (*)
REJCHMAN Roger, syndicaliste FO siège Rhodia (*)
REY Alain, syndicaliste enseignant SNFOLC (46) (*)
ROQUES Monique, , syndicaliste SNUDI FO Seine Siant Denis (*)
SCHEIN Didier, syndicaliste enseignant SNFOLC (Herault) (*)
SCHIDLOWER Marie-Claude (Paris)
SERVEL Franck, syndicaliste CGT Arsenal de Toulon (Var) (*)
SHAPIRA Daniel, (Paris)
STAGLIANO Marie, syndicaliste CGT (Paris)
STOBNICER Maurice, , syndicaliste SN FO LC (Seine Saint Denis) (*)
VAUTIER Marc, (Val de Marne)
VIANO Lucie, , syndicaliste FO hôpitaux de Paris (*)
VILLETTE Jean-Paul, syndicaliste métallurgie CGT St Gobain (Haute Saône)
ZEAU Didier, syndicaliste SNDUI FO (Yveline)
LORRE Tanguy: Force Ouvrière Teachers union area section of 66, Perpignan (*)

Antonio Criado Barbero, Secretario General de Iniciativa de Izquierda Socialista (IS-Andalucía)
Rafael Romero Luque, miembro de la C. E. del Sindicato de Banca y Servicios Financieros (CCOO) de Sevilla
Juan Pedrero Pérez, miembro de la C. E. de la Federación de Sindicatos de Sanidad (CCOO), Andalucía
Carmen Pedrero Ruiz, Secretaria General de la Federación de Sindicatos de Sanidad (CCOO), Extremadura
Antonio Montaño Ramos, miembro de la C. E. del Sindicato de Sanidad (CCOO) de Sevilla
Luis González Sanz, Secretario General del Sindicato de Sanidad (CCOO) de Sevilla
Miguel Gervilla Pozo, miembro del Consejo Federal de la Federación de Sanidad (CCOO)
José M. García Cruz, miembro de la C. E. de la Federación de Sanidad (CCOO)
Antonio Amaro Granado, miembro de la C. E. de la Federación de Sanidad (CCOO)
Gonzalo Gayol Peláez, miembro de la C. E. de la Federación de Sanidad (CCOO)
Araceli Ortiz Arteaga, miembro de la C. E. de la Federación de Sanidad y del Consejo Confederal de CCOO
José Manuel Poyato Poyato, Secretario General del sindicato de Sanidad (CCOO), Córdoba;
Patricia Rivas de Bugala, miembro de la C. E. de la Federación de Sanidad (CCOO)
David Arrabali, CCOO, sindicato de la salud;
Teresa Juanico Piris, miembro de la C. E. de la Federación de Sanidad (CCOO)
Antonia Cazorla Rueda, miembro del Consejo Federal de la Federación de Sanidad (CCOO)
José A. Carrero González, Secretario General de la Federación de Sanidad (CCOO), Asturias
Elena Alonso Araujo, miembro de la C. E. de la Federación de Sanidad (CCOO)

Alexandre Anor, député Grand Conseil, canton de Genève
François Schenk Gottret, députée du Grand Conseil, canton de Genève
Simone Girodo, responsable syndicaliste SSP Genève
Luc Deley, responsable syndicale SSP Genève
Ramon Cardona: Federacion Sindical Mundial; Representacion Naciones Unidas y la OIT en Ginebra

Lothar Ott: Union Education and Science, Social Democratic Party Germany, Frankfurt

Igor Gotlib - co-ordinator of the regional branch of the "Alternatives" movement
St.Petersburg (Leningrad)

Pinar Erol: HAVA-IS, Istanbul.

Grupo Parlamentario del Partido de los Trabajadores de Argelia; Louisa Hanoune, diputada, Secretaria General del Partido de los Trabajadores.

Paul Nkunzimana; STUB (Syndicat des Travailleurs de l'Université du Burundi)

Lindsey Collen: LALIT, Port Louis,

Sudáfrica (Azania)
Console Tleane: Socialis Party of Azania, Johannesburg,

Côte d'Ivoire
Flan Zran Senan - SYNASEG SGA - Abidjan

Aso Jabbar: International Representative of the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq-FWCUI (Berna, Suiza)
Issam Shukri: Baghdad, Iraq

N. Vasudevan: General Secretary of All India Blue Star Employees Federation and Convenor of Trade Union Solidarity Committee, Mumbai

Nasir Loyand - Left Radicals of Afghanistan - Herat,

Sri Lanka
Vasideva Nanayakkara: Democratic Left Front (with a cluster of Trade Unions and man organisation), Colombo 10

Jayaratna Maliygoda - President Lanka General Services Union and Joint Plantation Trade Unions Centre, Kandy.

Rubina Jamil - President All Pakistan Trade Union Federation. Lahore

Gulzar Ahmed Chaudhary - General Secretary All Pakistan Trade Union Federation, Lahore

Aima Mahmood. Working Women Organization Secretary Lahore

Ghulam Fatima - General Secretary Bonded Labor Liberation Front Lahore

Nasir Gulzar - Progressive Youth Organization/President Lahore

Fazal-e-Wahid - General Secretary Railway Workers Union (Openline) Pakistan

Farid Awan - General Secretary United Workers union TMA-Town Hall (Affiliated APTUF), Karachi

Muhammad Junaid - All Pakistan Trade Union Federation, President-Sind Railway Colony, Karachi Cantt.

Rao Muhammad Nasim - Senior Vice President Railway Workers Union-Karachi (affiliated APTUF)
Karachi Cantt, SIND.

Muhammad Amin - Senior Vice President - Mandiwala Mauser Plastic Industries Employees Union (affiliated APTUF) Uttal Baluchistan,

Muhammad Ishaque - General Secretary Ittehad Carpet Labour Welfare Union -Karachi -Sind (affiliated APTUF) Malir Karachi

Ranou Ahmed (Advocate) - Progressive Youth Organization (affiliated APTUF), Lahore

Ms. Ghulam Fatima - Bonded Labour Liberation Front (BLLF) Lahore
Sabrina Younas - Activist Lahore.
Salma Fayyaz - Political Activist (Lady Health Workers), Lahore
Salma Liaqat - Working Women Organization - Lahore
Mr. Muhammad Ilyas - Trade Unionist Lahore
Haroon Younas - Progressive Youth Organization, Lahore
Mr. Muhammad Iyaz - Bonded Labor Liberation Front, Lahore
Nasim Akhtar - Domestic Worker Lahore
Asma Bibi - Domestic Worker - Lahore
Yasir Gulzar - Progressive Youth Organization Lahore

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