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lunes, marzo 28, 2005

Worker co-management

The movement towards worker-management is in its infancy here; it's not like Argentina where workers have taken over and kept running dozens of factories slated for shutdown by their owners. But worker co-management is a goal of the government, and there are a few exemplar projects that show promise.

One of them is Alcansa, an aluminum plant in Bolivar state. Read this new interview by journalist Marta Harnecker with Trino Silva, Secretary General of the aluminum workers' union, and Gustavo Márquez, one of the newly elected worker-managers.

The other, of course, is the paper mill Venepal, which was nationalized in January after a months-long campaign by the workers to prevent the factory's closure by taking it over. The workers succeeded, and Venepal has now been relaunched as Invepal under worker/state co-management.

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