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martes, abril 12, 2005

Carter Center: Recall results "reflected the will of the Venezuelan electorate"

The Carter Center is not, overall, a supporter of Chavez. Indeed, the Center's observers "characterize[d] the July 2000 elections as flawed," though they recognized that "the election irregularities would not have changed the 2000 presidential outcome".

But their team of elections observers and analysts has concluded, in their recently issued final report, that "It is the Center’s finding that the official
results reflect the will of the Venezuelan electorate as
expressed on Aug. 15, 2004."

There is also a statistical analysis of some opposition sectors' claims of fraud, which failed to find any merit in those claims. (Near the end of the document.)

The full report (caution: large PDF file)

More info and reports (in Spanish and English) available here.

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