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domingo, abril 03, 2005

Uribe not concerned with Venezuelan arms purchases

Once again, I have to question why the U.S. continues to insist that arms sales to Venezuela are a menace to Colombia, when Colombia itself doesn't think so:

While visiting Venezuela with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da Silva, Zapatero and Chavez, Colombia's Uribe said he was not concerned with Spain's arms sales to Venezuela. "We trust the decisions of the Spanish government when it comes to arms sales," Uribe said, despite the fact that Zapatero cancelled the proposed sale of 30 French tanks to Colombia just last September in an agreement arranged between Aznar and Uribe before Zapatero took power in mid-2004.

On the other hand, pressure from Washington (a personal phone call from Bush to Kirchner, and a meeting with Rice) seems to have convinced Argentina's foreign minister to make a halfhearted statement supporting Washington's position, saying that he hopes that Chavez's arms purchases won't bring about an escalation in weapons purchases by other Latin American countries.

Full article: U.S. Continues to Push for Containment of Venezuela's Chavez

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