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viernes, mayo 06, 2005

AFL-CIO eliminates International Affairs Department

As part of a massive reorganization, the AFL-CIO on Tuesday eliminated its International Affairs Department.

The federation's international efforts will now go entirely through the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS, aka the Solidarity Center), which gets its funding from the U.S. government via the NED and USAID. One labor commentator says that the department's elimination "has ensured that organized labor will no longer have an independent voice in foreign affairs."

What does this mean for the AFL-CIO's involvement with the CTV in Venezuela? Hard to say. Most of it has been through the Solidarity Center anyway, so whether this restructuring will mean a change is anyone's guess.

To put all this in context, here is a thorough analysis of the AFL-CIO's international activities since 1995 (with some historical background too), including involvement with the CTV and allegedly with the 2002 coup.

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