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martes, julio 12, 2005

Friday in SF: Venezuela talk and film showing

For Bay Area folks, passing on this event announcement.



"With the Poor of the World" and "May Day in Caracas"

Guest Speaker:
Fred Hirsch, Vice President, Plumbers and Fitters
Union Local 393; Longtime activist for international labor solidarity

7 PM, FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2005

Center for Political Education
522 Valencia St. (near 16th St.), Third Floor (Not wheelchair accessible)
San Francisco

Suggested Donation $5 ($3 students, seniors, unemployed)

"With the Poor of the World"
Con Los Pobres de la Tierra (2003)
56 minutes. By Marta Harnecker
In Spanish with English subtitles

This video gives background and context to the current struggles in Venezuela since 1993. Using TV news footage and archival video, it documents the rise of Chávez and the oligarchy's three attempts to overthrow him

"May Day in Caracas" (2005)

22 minutes. By J. Carlos Flores
In Spanish with English Subtitles

A brief documentary about over 1 million Venezuelans Celebrating International Workers' Day in Caracas.

Hands Off Venezuela is showing these films as a benefit to bring to the US Stalin Perez Borges, leader of the National Union of Workers in Venezuela (UNT), a dynamic new Venezuelan trade union federation. Mr. Perez will be speaking at ILWU Local 34 hall (next to SBC Park), 4 Berry St., San Francisco, Sunday, Sept. 25, 2005 at 3PM. Save the date!

Hola te recomiendo un documental que se hizo en italia:
"Venenzuela, otro odo es posible"

Ah, the pleasures of revolutionary tourism!

Orientalism ad infinitum.
Hola alex -- quieres decir "otro modo es posible"?

gjpw -- What do you mean? I fail to see how a video screening and talk in San Francisco, attended by Bay Area residents, is "tourism" of any sort...
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