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miércoles, octubre 19, 2005

I'm back! (I think)

So, I know it's been a while since I posted -- it's just been hard to find the time to write anything. I'm going to try to start it up again, but more focused on interesting articles about Venezuela, and less original writing. Don't worry though, there'll still be commentary :-).

And yes, I an back in the U.S. My time in Venezuela was incredible -- many many thanks to all the wonderful people there who I got to know and who helped me out! I'm trying to cook up a scheme to go back for the World Social Forum in February...

A note: lately a number of people have been trying to post spam comments on this blog. (By "spam" I mean comments that have nothing to do with the blog or with Venezuela and are simply promoting your own website.) Don't bother. I will delete all spam within 24 hours. But real comments, pro or con, are very welcome.


Hi Louise! Welcome back, both to the U.S. and to blog-land. I shall promptly add your blog to my procrastination list :). Did you see the recent NYT article on Chavez - they kinda made him out to seem a little loony, and I was wondering what your take on him was.
Hi Tim,

Thanks! Don't think I saw the article you're referring to - when was it?

=^) louise
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