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viernes, octubre 28, 2005

Watching baseball in the eye of the storm

Venezuelans everywhere, along with many other White Sox fans, are celebrating the result of the final World Series game this week. Venezuelans are crazy about baseball (see the photo on the right; the teenage son of a family I stayed with in Merida had his bedroom walls plastered with baseball posters) , and a number of Venezuelans play for teams in the U.S. -- but this is the first team managed by a Venezuelan to win.

I don't follow sports, but I appreciated this story about a Miami Venezuelan-American family hit by Wilma who used a bit of precious gas to power a TV so they could cheer their team to victory. My family in Florida were also in Wilma's path, and they spent several nights cooking canned soup on the gas grill and playing board games by candlelight. Luckily, their power came back on yesterday, but it stll hasn't been restored in a lot of places.

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