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miércoles, noviembre 16, 2005

Update on New Tribes

Venezuela has given a US missionary group 90 days to leave the country.

. . . . says the BBC. We'll see.

This time it's an official decree, not just a speech by Chavez, so it has some teeth. But New Tribes says they'll appeal. Will they end up staying or leaving? Bets anyone?

Also, according to New Tribes, BBC seems to have gotten it wrong - the decree doesn't require them to leave the country altogether. It revokes their permission to operate in indigenous communities in four states. I haven't read the text of the decree (is the Gaceta Oficial online? Anybody know?), but I'm inclined to believe the New Tribes announcement in this case.

(Here's some background on the New Tribes controversy.)

And I know the Mexico-Venezuela spat is big news, but I'm not going to write anything about it -- far as I can see, it's just Fox and Chavez grandstanding for their respective constituencies. Wait a couple weeks and it'll all fade away.

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