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viernes, diciembre 23, 2005

Ice cream and gasoline

Ok, I've got just one more piece on the heating oil. Not because I think it's such a big story in itself (it's important, sure, but there are plenty of other events taking place that are worthy of notice), but because it's getting so much attention here in the States.

The latest mention that caught my notice was a mass email from TrueMajority asking its members to buy their gas at Citgo, based primarily on Citgo's contribution of subsidized heating oil to poor New Englanders. As they put it, "So while you're out on the road this month, you can help some fellow Americans by filling your tank with Venezuelan gas."

Now, TrueMajority is one of these "email advocacy" groups currently in vogue; it has maybe a few hundred thousand name son its list, and periodically sends them email alerts on various issues, most with a call to sign an online petition or email your Congressperson. This particular organization was started by "Ben & Jerry's" ice cream founder Ben Cohen, and I would call it a liberal centrist group, somewhere to the right of MoveOn, which is not that far left itself (MoveOn is constantly being accused by progressives of being a shill for the Democratic Party).

But now even TrueMajority is jumping on the Citgo bandwagon. While I don't imagine it'll make a measurable difference in Citgo's share of gas sales, it's interesting.

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