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lunes, diciembre 12, 2005

La democracia participativa

Writer America Vera-Zavala put out an article last week on a subject near and near to my heart: participatory democracy. Check it out on ZNet. (Full disclosure: Vera-Zavala appears to have been an initiator and leading organizer of the conference which he discusses in the article.)

There's a connected website on participatory democracy, Participamos, that looks like it might be interesting - not much up yet in English, but the Spanish version has a series of texts on participatory democracy that look fascinating. I haven't read much though. If you do, let me know your thoughts!

I also highly recommend reading about participatory economics, or ParEcon for short.

Those of us who are struggling for social change must also be thinking and talking about what other systems are desirable and possible, so we can keep in mind what we're struggling for. Otherwise we may end up somewhere even worse off than where we're at now. I know I'm often guilty of having too narrow a focus, not wanting to spend time on theory or visioning because it feels like it will never come to pass -- but if we don't, we assure that it will never come to pass. Participatory democracy and participatory economics are good places to start.

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