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martes, diciembre 13, 2005

Ortega gets 16 years

CTV president Carlos Ortega was sentenced today to 15 years, 11 months, 5 days, and 20 hours in prison for his role in the oil industry shutdown of winter 2002-03.

More on this tomorrow, if I get a chance. For now, here are some articles:

Prensa Latina: Venezuela Coupist Gets 15 Years (I don't think "coupist" is really a word in English. Then again, I never could figure out a good translation for "golpista" - "coup plotter" just sounds awkward. At any rate, Ortega wasn't being tried for his role in the April 2002 coup.)

Bloomberg: Venezuela Union Leader Ortega Found Guilty of Treason (Actually not true - an earlier charge of treason was dropped. He was found guilty of the less serious charges of civil rebellion and instigation, as well as possession of forged documents.)

BBC: Venezuela jails opposition leader

Reuters: Anti-Chavez union boss jailed for rebellion

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