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sábado, diciembre 17, 2005

Ortega's defenders appear few in number

Elements of the anti-Chavez opposition called for a march today to protest the judgement last week which sentenced Carlos Ortega to nearly 16 years in prison his role in leading the 2002 oil industry stoppage. But support for the march seems to have fallen somewhat short of its leaders' expectations.

Panamanian paper La Prensa reports just 300 demonstrators showed up. This is considerably smaller than other opposition marches this year, and positively miniscule compared to the demonstrations which Ortega himself led in 2002. It seems that even among those who oppose Chavez, Ortega has more or less fallen from favor.

And from the photos, the political orientation of the hardcore few who attended today's protest seems...odd. Here's a photo from La Prensa of a demonstrator dressed up as the Statue of Liberty (yes, the one in New York).

Meanwhile, Venezuelans who are not such fans of Ortega complained that his sentence was too short, wondering why he didn't get the maximum penalty of 30 years.

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