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domingo, enero 22, 2006

ILO to send mission to Venezuela

The International Labor Organization (ILO) will be sending another delegation to Venezuela this year to investigate allegations (largely by employers' association FEDECAMERAS) of labor rights violations by the Chavez government.

At the ILO's meeting in November, they agreed to send a "direct contacts" mission to Venezuela, in order to gather more information before deciding what action to take on the employers' latest complaint. I believe this will be the third direct contacts mission sent to Venezuela since Chavez became president. The ILO's most recent report, including the complaints, the government's response, and the decision to send a mission, can be found here.

According to Froilan Barrios of the CTV, the ILO delegates will be investigating five labor issues in Venezuela, including the mass firing of PDVSA employees who participated in the oil industry shutdown of winter 2002-03. (Notably, in my interview with Gabriela Martinez of Venezuelan human rights organization PROVEA, she criticized recent politically motivated firings, but specified that the PDVSA workers were legitimately fired for not showing up for work in an action that did not meet the requirements for a strike.)

Here is a previous post with more analysis of the ILO complaints, what they mean, and the political maneuvering involved.

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