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lunes, febrero 20, 2006

Help Bring Venezuelan Trade Union Leader to San Francisco

Passing along this appeal from Hands Off Venezuela...

February 11, 2006

Dear Friend:

The Hands Off Venezuela campaign (HOV) is an organization of groups and individuals who support the right of the people of Venezuela to self-determination and oppose any intervention by the United States against the democratically elected government of Venezuela. It looks like the U.S. government is on a collision course with Hugo Chavez, arguably the most popular president in Latin America.

However, we cannot stop U.S. intervention by words alone, but only by the action of the people of the United States, and they cannot take action without knowledge. That is why we are calling on all freedom-loving people in the U.S. to help us bring the truth about Venezuela to this country by bringing here one of its most important trade union leaders, Luis Primo.

Luis Primo, a member of the Venezuelan National Union of Workers (UNT) will be in the U.S. to speak between March 18 and 25. He will speaking at the antiwar rally in San Francisco on March 18. On Saturday, March 25 he will be speaking at a public meeting at the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 34 Hall, which is on the Embarcadero, next to the SBC Ballpark.

Currently, Primo is a Regional Coordinator for the UNT (Caracas-Miranda). He is also responsible for Trade Union/Political Education for the UNT on the national level. His other UNT assignment is working with the Ministry of Labor on the Committee on the Recovered Factories. He is the former president of the Caracas metro workers union. Primo will also be running for the National Leadership of the UNT at its upcoming congress this spring.

Your help is needed now! In order to bring Luis Primo here, we will have to pay for his travel expenses and living expenses while he is here, so we are in need of your financial help.

Please help us stop the U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela. Send us your donation of $100, $15, $10, or whatever you can. Checks should be made payable to Hands Off Venezuela. If you prefer to use a credit card, you can make a donation using PayPal at http://www.ushov.org/donate.html.

We thank you for your support in this struggle.



Gerry Foley
Cristina Gutierrez

Hands Off Venezuela
San Francisco Bay
4579-18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Email: sfbay@ushov.org
Phone: 415-864-3537

Partial List of Endorsers

Dolores Huerta
San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO)
South Bay Labor Council (AFL-CIO)
Vanguard Public Foundation
San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper
Alan Benjamin, Executive Board, SF Labor Council, Co-coordinator Open World Conference
Fred Hirsch, Vice President of Plumbers and Fitters Local 393, San Jose California
Gloria LaRiva, President, Local 39521 Media Workers Sector/CWA*
Louie Rocha, President CWA Local 9423*
Global Exchange
Chris Gilbert and Karen Bennett, MATRIX Program*, UC Berkeley Art Museum*

*for identification purposes only

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