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martes, febrero 28, 2006

Larkspur, CA: Bay Area activists visit the Bolivarian Republic

Talks by five members of the Marin Interfaith Task Force of the Americas' delegation to Venezuela in Janauary 2006.

Wednesday, March 8, 7:30pm
The Redwoods Presbyterian Church, 110 Magnolia Ave
Larkspur, California

  • Roger Harris photographed the January 2006 MITF 30-member delegation to Venezuela. Roger's visuals illustrate the group's trips to barrios to observe the implementation of literacy, health care, nutrition and social programs; excursions to rural areas to see the achievements of recent land reform; visits with government officials to hear about goals of the administration; meetings with human rights organizations to learn of their concerns; and experiences at the Social Forum of the Americas held in Caracas.

  • Susan Scott of the National Lawyers Guild will describe their conversations with representatives of Sumate, a rightwing NGO, and the ongoing legal controversies surrounding that organization's funding by the U.S. government.

  • Laura Wells, Green Party candidate for state controller, will comment on her meeting with the CNE (National Electoral Council) and what she learned about Venezuela's "participatory democracy."

  • Camilla Schneider will discuss the role of women in the Bolivarian Revolution.

  • Dale Sorensen, MITF Director, just back from the Venezuela Solidarity Conference in Washington DC, will discuss the growing solidarity movement and actions you can take to offset the U.S. government's increasing financial support of opposition groups as a means to subvert the re-election of President Chavez in November.



$5-10 donation requested
No one turned away for lack of funds

Info: 415/924-3227

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