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sábado, febrero 18, 2006

San Mateo, CA: "Reality Tour of Venezuela" next Thursday

Another event that may interest Bay Area folks. (Yes, I'll get a real post up soon, promise!) --bugs
Reality Tour of Venezuela

Thursday, February 23
7:15 PM
San Mateo Unitarian Universalists
300 E. Santa Inez, San Mateo
California, U.S.

Peace Action of San Mateo County presents a report-back by local activists Ernie Goitein and his wife Claire Feder, following a Global Exchange "Reality Tour" to Venezuela.

Ernie and Claire will recount their trip with words and pictures, and will also show the DVD "The Revolution Will Not be Televised," which chronicles the changes and the progress in this oil-rich but independent nation. The two will provide a sense of how Venezuela's government works, including its programs for education, health care, agricultural cooperatives, and the petroleum industry. The presentation will also cover the unsuccessful coup against the Chavez government, and the efforts of the opposition media to undermine it. And it will touch upon the spirit of the people there.

Admission is free. The UU is wheelchair accessible. For more information, contact Rob Zucker at rzuck5@earthlink.net.

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