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sábado, marzo 11, 2006

Indigenismo, Anti-Imperialism, Feminism & Elections

Bolivia and Venezuela: Indigenismo, Anti-Imperialism, Feminism & Elections in Latin America Today

DATE: Friday, March 17, 2006
TIME: 6:00pm (dinner); 6:30pm (panel & discussion)
PLACE: 3781 Broadway (north of Macarthur Blvd in Oakland)
Applied Research Center (ARC) http://www.arc.org/
COST: Free. Donations accepted to cover costs.

The following panelists will precede an open discussion about both the movements' experiences in Latin America and what this means for what we should be doing in the United States:

Mari Rose Taruc (staff at APEN),
Peter Miguel Camejo (Green Party Candidate for Governor), and
Mateo Nube (Los Nadies).

Mari Rose recently traveled as part of the Grassroots Global Justice delegation to attend the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela, and hear President Hugo Chavez speak.

Peter has been closely following the rise of the left in Venezuela since before the Bolivarian Revolution and also attended the most recent World Social Forum.

Mateo and his family were in Bolivia, where he grew up, to participate in the inauguration of Evo Morales on January 22 of this year.

Sponsored by: Bay Area Solidarity (http://www.solidarity-us.org/)
Endorsed by: The Venezuela Solidarity Group & SOUL (http://schoolofunityandliberation.org/)

Childcare provided if requested by noon on Wednesday, March 15. All RSVP’s appreciated to simcha3@msn.com so we can be sure to order enough food.

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